Wednesday, March 12, 2014


After many, many hours perusing catalogs I have narrowed down my choices to $500 worth of plants. Trouble is I have given myself a budget of $300.

I buy online because I can get exactly what I want; leaving my choices on colour and plant up to this whims of my local Rona garden centre manager is just something I cannot do. Not with Sun, Moon and Monet colour-themed gardens.
Vesey's Wish List
I have $270 on my Vesey's list and $212 on my Breck's list. I like Breck's lifetime plant guarantee, so I would favour them but Vesey's has the better selection.

Breck's Wish List

Now is time to make the tough choices:

  • Vesey's, you say your "Sunglow Crocosmia" is good to zone 3, but I dare not believe since every other Crocosmia says zone 5. 
  • Saved $50.

  • Ordering online is best for bulbs and plants I am unlikely to find locally: goodbye Leonora Tradescantia & Grecian Rose.
  • Saved $15 & $30 respectively.

  • Little Blue Wonder Sea Holly: I cannot be sure if you will get enough sun. Reduced from 3 to 1.
  •  Saved $16.

  • "Garden Emotion" and "Hot Summer": last year my coneflowers were all nibbled by rabbits and never bloomed. I will not throw good money after bad no matter how stunning you look in the cataolgue.
  • Saved $26.

  • I should not over-invest in a plant that is untested in my garden; so long Mauve Younique Phlox. Reduced white Hardy Geranium from 9 to 3!
  • Saved $9 & $13 respectively.
<I submitted my Breck's order while writing this: the rest of the savings must come from Vesey's>
  • Virginia Blue Bells: true you are blue and you bloom in the shade, but I have always found you expensive for 'oversized bluebells'. Reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Saved $6

  • Pam's Choice: surely I can find white Foxglove locally? Hedge my bets, reduced 6 to 3.
  • Saved $15

  • Discovered separate shipping charge for seeds with Veseys' ($6). Cancel Nasturtium seed order.
  • Saved: $9.
  • Dalmatian Peach Foxglove: Perfect colour but I do not have room for 6 of you. Reduced to 3.
  • Saved $15.

There you have it, I have cut $204 from my initial bill.  Do you recognize this struggle as something you also face each year when ordering your plants online: dreams bigger than budget?

<15 minutes later>
I went to purchase my Vesey's order when I realized my coupon was for saving $100 with a $200 order.  I had to backtrack and add items back again until I hit $200!

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