Friday, November 01, 2013


The other week Maddison came with me on a guerrilla gardening strike. Either that or I brought some bulbs, a trowel and some earth on one of her daily walks but I prefer to think of her as a knowing conspirator keeping watch.

In April I committed to planting them in this area but never got around to it before the weather warmed up, at which point I decided to wait until fall.  Good thing too, I think they would have been in the path of the city lawnmower if I had planted them where I originally thought.

At some point on my walks with Maddie I noticed this stump appeared to be hollow in the middle and vowed to check  it out. It would not be the first time I have guerrilla-planted bulbs inside a stump. I hope these Allium Molly (small and yellow not big and purple) are successful in their stump garden like the daffodils I planted in Toronto were.

Cutting back the suckers is something the city would eventually get around to doing anyway so I brought my secateurs as well.

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  1. thank you so much for linking in this weekend...I always love to find time to visit those who play along with my little party. It doesn't seem that I get around often enough...but I do try when I can! we got a HUGE dump of snow here yesterday and I am hating it already after the first few hours!!! I can't hardly wait for spring to come...It will be so nice to play outside again for a few months!

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    1. I'll be back again Tootsie, you can't get rid of me very easily. LOL.