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Earlier this week I posted about the first of three stages in creating my "Monet Garden" by describing what I planted last spring.  This post is about what I just finished planting today. The third post will detail what I am going to plant next spring and pull it all together in one terribly messy map.

The pink rectangle are 5 purple Nicky Phlox. I hear they can get by with part sun but will there be enough?

phlox paniculata nicky
Stay tuned.

Yellow oval represents 25 Atropurpureum Allium which may bloom at the same time as the surrounding Iris.

Allium atropurpureum. Pure love. The grass underneath is Festuca glauca, a cool season grass.
Stay tuned.

In the odd orange shape with a 90 degree angle are 200 Pearl Blue Species Crocus  If they work well there will be many more.

Stay tuned.

Purple circle top left is a random mix of 25 each of Delft Blue and Peter Stuyvesant plus 3 other shades of blue in quantities of 12, 10 & 8, all randomly mixed together. Plus 6 from the second mix below.
Hyacinth Flowers   

Left hand circle has 42 randomly mixed Sky Jacket and Blue Jacket which may have been planted too late in the season to survive!
Hyacinth orientalis 'Sky Jacket'   Image of Hyacinthus orientalis 'Sky Jacket'
Stay tuned.

The small bright blue circle represents 25 Dutch Iris which are a fitting addition to my Monet colour palette.  I would have loved to put in up to 200 right away but I am still learning how much light this bed actually gets and I need to see some proof before I dive in.

Dutch Iris Blue & White Blend

 This is what it looks like when fall is added on top of spring.
The Blazing Star have been removed from where the Iris and Hyacinths are, I have already transplanted as many of the 80 as I could find to where they will get more sun

Parts 1 of 3 & 3 of 3
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