Tuesday, May 28, 2013


While lots of articles about guerrilla gardening talk about taking over neglected urban spaces, I often find myself straying from my gardens to the nearby boulevard.
This dead tree was really preventing much of anything from growing up to fill the void it left.

Step 1: Remove all of the dead stuff. Well, almost all. The trunk can stay since it was really the branches that made up most of the volume as you can see.
Steps 2: Plant something in the newly created open space.  I chose Lupins because they will self seed and choosing something low maintenance is part of a successful guerrilla gardening strategy.

If your hose does not reach your location look for plants that can withstand some dryer conditions; Lupins fit the bill nicely. Short term we have rain forecast all week; only the gardeners are happy.

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  1. Lupins... what a great idea. I've never grown those, but I have some problem spots that just might be perfect for them. Good for you, replacing neglected spots with beautiful plantings. I hope you post an "after" shot, once the lupins have taken hold.

    1. You bet I will follow up with an after shot. I have never planted Lupins myself but I understand they should be good in this extremely sandy soil, so we shall see.

  2. I know you will post an after shot..... It has been rainy here too.... Michelle

    1. I am planting more lupins from seed as well, hopefully it will take and be there for years to come.


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