Thursday, May 02, 2013


In a previous post I shared this pic of how overgrown the backyard to our Cabbagetown place was when we first moved in.
Initially I thought our neighbour's garage was too big and overshadowed the gardens. Friends quickly pointed out that if gave us a great degree of privacy, and they were right. I grew an overnight appreciation for it but I never thought it looked quite right. I wanted to plant something growing up it but I was timid about asking the neighbours who we otherwise had never had any contact with.

Then a "For Sale" sign went up! The house quickly sold and sat empty for a very short while. I probably should not admit it, but I struck while the house was empty. I figured new neighbours would not know how long a vine had been there, if they ever noticed at all.
In more recent years I have been good about getting my neighbours permission when required and it has worked out well but since on this occasion I was chickening out I was especially careful to not cause any damage. I used a simple threadlike landscaping netting and simple thumb tacks to secure it.  
Who could have a problem with thumbs tacks?

In the three years since, the Silver Lace vine has grown rapidly and pretty well covered up the garage. It does not bloom much because of the shade from the massive Norway Maple but that is fine, it was meant to cover up the garage and it is doing its job splendidly.

I wonder if you all engage with your neighbours about your gardening every time you should, or if am I alone in my naughtiness?

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  1. Too funny! I can't see the harm, and it makes a beautiful backdrop for your yard - which is also lovely.

    I can't say as I've engaged in guerilla gardening, but I wouldn't rule it out. As for permission ... maybe. But where's the fun in that?

    1. LOL, it was the combination of an empty house and thumb tacks that spurred me into action. Since then I have been good about asking my neighbors and they have all responded well to my requests. Let's hope it continues that way.

  2. I say BRAVO! Yours was excellent strategizing! I even feel a little in awe of the fact that you planted a vine to grow up someone else's building! But the fact that you post this shows that you know they don't read gardening blogs, even their own neighbor's, so they probably aren't big on gardening. They would have surely said no if you had asked and you would have been stuck looking at their garage wall, no matter the condition or color.

    I do not and would not ask permission from anyone to do anything concerning my garden. These days I am trying to begin a wildlife hedgerow along one boundary. Those neighbors leave cat food outside and then shoot at wildlife that dares approach that food (guns are not allowed in our neighborhood). Shall I ask their opinion about anything? I will not!

    Here's to "guerilla gardening"!

    1. Careful you do not get shot, sounds like a tricky situation. I am now very lucky to have friendly neighbours on both sides and a lane behind us so not as much collaboration in the city required. Of course there are still the cottage gardens and neighbors to content with...but so far so good there.

    2. Oh, golly! I hadn't thought of that! That would be an unpleasant new experience for sure! I will keep it in mind. Thanks!


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