Sunday, April 21, 2013


This is the third post about this Lilac tree. Following a tree through the seasons I got from
When we bought our home in August it looked like a shrub. Rather bushy, not much personality.

October when we moved in I could see why. It was in need of a serious pruning and had been improperly pruned in the past, trunks cut a few feet up resulting in lots of suckers giving it its overgrown, shrub-like look.

In January we had some mild days, not many, but one was all I needed. 
So I got to work with my secateurs.

A good start.

There, tidier already.

Now that the snow around its base has receded I was out at it again yesterday, this time with a handsaw. 
 The bigger trunks are slow by hand but it is good exercise and I am eager to be outside after a long winter.  A trunk-per-weekend for the next few weeks will have a it ready for spring blooming.

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