Tuesday, October 09, 2012

YARD ART - The Shady Lady

We bought the Shady Lady a few years back at a going out of business sale at a garden centre - a good bargain since statuary can be expensive.

In Toronto we had her in the far back corner, so one really had to be out seated at the table to see her in all her glory.

The brown spots at her neck and near her hand are from a failed attempt at encouraging moss to cover her using a beer slurry.
But I have not given up yet.  
Once we find her a home in Tuxedo I will be back at it and try again, this time covering her with plastic and keeping her warm and damp indoors while the initial moss takes root.

While she will lose some of the finer details I definitely want to see her covered from head to toe
in fuzzy green.  Well, maybe I will leave her eyes uncovered so she can see...



  1. My fav method is to cover with a film of clay and bury under compost. Leave her there for a few weeks and then bring out into a shady spot. She'll get black mold first before the moss takes hold.

    1. I hadn't heard of that method but it sounds interesting. I will keep it in mind.