Friday, October 12, 2012


The other weekend I went to the Manitoba Lily Society's annual fall sale despite 'trying' not to spend more on plants this year.  Oops.
I am liking attending these local plant sales.  Sorry Vesey's and Becks, but I do not need to order anything from you this fall!

That was after I had already returned to Costco's for more Bulbs to Blooms bulbs.  After all, I had to buy some stuff to plant at the cottage - as opposed to our new city home.

I purchased 17 assorted lilies from the bulk bin at the sale, so it will be a surprise to see what comes up.

I inter-planted them with 'Split Coronoa' daffodils of mixed colour.
In the city I do not want pinks, but at the cottage there is more leeway.  Bulk purchase gives up control of the colours but gives a great discount - and Winnipeggers, including me, love a good deal. so if there are pink lilies, so be it.

The bulbs looked very healthy and large and many of them ready to divide and multiply already.

At this point I am done buying plants or bulbs and just need to spend on some compost / soil mix and have a few yards delivered to the new house in the next few weeks.
I will be glad I did come spring.

Do any of you freshen up your soil in the fall?


  1. Very fancy daffodils you have there.

    1. It will be interesting to check them out in spring and see how many of the different colours I have actually got and how they are mixed together since I planted the group of 25 in about 3 different places.