Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Coming to the Manitoba Master Gardener Garden Tour?

 You may find these maps of my property to be of interest...

Overall Site Map

This plan shows the overall property, and the respective amount of native plants per bed. 

  • Increasing native plants and plants popular with pollinators became much more of a focus for me in 2019 after the UN report on declining biodiversity. 
  • My goal is to reach 70% native after starting with practically no natives 10 years ago. 

Fountain Garden

A version of this bed has been in place for a few years but in fall of 2020 I doubled its size and created a plan to incorporate many more natives.

Front Habitat

In the fall of 2020 I acted on an urge I'd for a while. Minimizing my lawn and expanding my gardens to help restore biodiversity to my local neighbourhood. Living close to a large park and a river meant I have a particularly good opportunity to attract wildlife from the surrounding area.

Moon Garden

For many years this front garden was only planted with white flowers. But when I decided to prioritize plants for ecological reasons the colour mandate fell apart. You can still see a prevalence of white but it is no longer a criteria. 

Monet Garden

So called because of its focus on blues, purples, mauves, whites and lack of bright yellows, reds and oranges which were originally reserved for the "Sun Garden).

There is more to see, though these are all the beds I have maps for. Not included:

  • Sun Garden beside the driveway on the way to the back yard
  • Entertaining area: We turn our driveway into a patio for summer dining.
  • Back pool area.
  • Back laneway: to prevent invasives from taking over I have planted the back lane (and my neighbour's)
Planters: look closely and you'll see that planters other than those at the front door are a combination of veggies and ornamentals. 

I look forward to seeing you Saturday.


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