Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MOON GARDEN UPDATE - spring 2016

Above is the most up to date map of my Moon Garden, where 99% of the plants are white with the exception of the orange daylilies and the purple hardy geranium, making the bench a great place to sit and take in the garden in the evening.

Since the last update there have been a number of changes. No longer will you find Allium, Daffodils, Foxglove, Candytuft, Iris or Hyacinths.  Instead you will find more of what was working well, such as Bleeding Heart, Astilbe, Daisy and Goat's Beard.

To reduce the overall number of plants and focus in on those that work well in a garden's specific conditions is a natural process and far from missing the plants that did not thrive in this space (whether due to soil, light or moisture conditions), I am pleased to have found those plants that are thriving and to build on what I have learned about the space.

You will also find a couple of non-white plants!  I had extra Hardy Geranium and Forget-me-nots and did not think that their purples and blues would stand out too much. We shall hopefully see this spring/summer.

Below are some photos of the garden from last year to give you an idea of what I am expecting.

Each year fewer Impatiens will be required to fill in between Astilbe, Hosta and Bleeding Heart. 

Liatris may not be getting quite enough sun and Obedient Plant in the foreground was a new edition last year so we shall see what year 2 brings for them all...

Peonies, Bleeding Heart, Coneflower and Shasta Daisy are all doing well, whereas white Nasturtium turned out to be more pastel-like and is not welcome back. Impatiens fill in as needed.

Goat's Beard and Lamb's Ear take over at this end of the garden where foliage rather than blooms rule.

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  1. Derek, it's lookin' good! How exciting to have a snow-in-summer garden! Thanks for stopping over at The Maple Hill Hop! Enjoy your blooms.

  2. Hi Derek! I saw your post on the Maple Hill Hop. I love the idea of a moonlight garden. Yours is beautiful! If I only had more room... :)

    1. If you are ever in Winnipeg stop on by for a moonlight stroll.