Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Each year I am surprised by how green some plants are when they are uncovered by the retreating snow. 
I expect them to have withered away and disappeared altogether, but here they are, Campanula and Forget-Me-Nots aplenty, looking somewhat bedraggled but ready to rock and roll if the warm weather were to continue.

Instead of more shots of soggy half-buried gardens I will share some photos of a garden from the hotel I recently stayed at in Mexico. 

While the plants between the bungalows were lush with bright bird-of-paradise blooms, the garden was more arid than tropical and I felt like I could have been in Arizona with all the cacti.

 To me it looks almost like a museum and I expect to see cards indicating the type of plant and a bit about the history of the area.

The restaurant under the eaves was well positioned to take advantage of the garden and courtyard.

With no change in the seasons as we know it in zone 3, there is always something blooming in this tropical paradise.


  1. spiky, spiny and thorny

  2. The plants complement the architecture so well, Derek. Must have been nice to escape the cold back home.
    Many thanks for participating in the Floral Friday Fotos meme.

    1. Thanks for hosting, and yes, it was very nice to get away to some extreme heat for a while.