Wednesday, June 18, 2014

GIFT FROM A FRIEND - calla lily

Despite working long hours in the garden and not shying away from big tasks, I am in some ways still a lazy gardener.  I prefer to do things once, so I tend to stay away from annuals and tender plants that need to be lifted in the fall.  This means I have missed out on certain plants but I have been okay with okay in fact that I have wondered if people who do plant tender plants requiring all that extra care aren't a little bit cucko-bananas.
 Lucky for me I have a friend who is one of those cuckos and he gave me some Calla Lily which I have added to the Monet Garden based on sun & soil requirements rather than on colour. 

The Callas' yellow and orange tinged flowers should contrast beautifully with the purple/blue of the Hyacinths, Pansies, Salvia, Speedwell, Monkshood, Iris and Campanula.  No matter how well they might fit in, I still warned my friend before departing with his generous gift that this would likely be their last summer since I am a lazy gardener. I made sure to seek the acknowledgement in his eyes of what was at stake and gave him a moment to take leave of his babies which he did with nary a tear.

Now they sit in the Monet Garden, a full season ahead of them in which to beguile me so much that I add lugging them inside to my already long list of fall chores.
We shall see.

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