Sunday, October 27, 2013


We are very lucky with all of our neighbours and my northern neighbours are no exception. Not only are they interested in gardening but lucky for me they are also kind, having given me the stones I used to edge the Sun Garden.

These two round beds are on their property and I have now "gardened" them both:
A) I needed to remove Daylilies that were towering over and spilling into my Blue Garden, the ring on the left was empty and it seemed serendipitous. Even if they do not bloom (due to all the towering elms and blue spruce), the height of their foliage will be a nice change and add some structure.

B) Last fall when we moved in there was a scrubby shrub at the base of the tree on the right that I cut back (with permission).  Today at its base I added a whole whack of Lily-of-the-Valley I removed from the original Sun Garden.

A & B) To each ring I also added 50 daffodil bulbs I found in my garage a few days ago that I had completely forgotten about. I mixed the two types together in one large box, both white and 16" tall, "Ice Follies" is an early bloomer and "Pink Pride" is mid season. I hope mixing the salmon in with the yellows will bring out its orange tones over its pinks. 

The white daffs were originally destined for my own Moon Garden, but with a hundred to plant and the season rapidly changing I did not have time to dig individual holes amongst the perennials; I needed to find somewhere I could dig pits with my spade rather than my trowel.

Today's work was done without permission. A new step in the development of my relationship with my neighbours but one I am confident they will be okay with.  I do not know if they saw or not, part of me hopes it will be a nice surprise come spring.

[November update with good news.  Here is a response from my neighbour: "What a nice surprise! You're more than welcome to intrude so creatively into our space."]

Have any of you ever taken on gardening with or for your neighbours?



  1. Should be lovely in the spring!

  2. I love bulbs for early spring flowers. You can garden in my "yard" any time. - Margy

    1. You bet Margy, just as soon as you move within view of my dining room, LOL.

  3. Our neighbor on one side has joined us in a sort of garden island that floats between our property. There are woods further behind our house, so having this garden section (and really it's just some trees and bushes ) makes it feel more natural. I'm sure they will enjoy their spring surprise! Thanks for linking up to Garden Tuesday!

    1. Nice example of collaboration Pam, it is easier than people imagine.