Thursday, August 22, 2013


At our Ontario cottage we have a great path that gently winds from the driveway down to the cottage.
When we first moved in it was two feet wide until I discovered it was actually four feet wide and that  Periwinkle had done what Periwinkle is want to do, and migrated over half of the path.

No problem. I dug it all up and transplanted it above the driveway where I am striving to create that same lush look by entirely covering the forest floor with green. 
While the Lily-of-the-valley and Periwinkle are making steady progress, it is slow going given my ultimate goal is to make it feel as though the driveway cuts right through my garden.

Periwinkle being Periwinkle however it was not a one-time job.
It tumbles its way back over the rock border and roots itself once again into the path.

I moved it back up to the top of the hill again where there is plenty of room to keep adding it as the years go by.

I have 'cleaned up' my path and seeded the top of the hill all in one fell swoop.

Which look do you prefer?
The clean path with plants that stop at the border or the more relaxed look, with plants spilling onto and into the path?

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