Sunday, December 16, 2012


Like many of you, I am sure, I cannot help but evaluate landscapes rather than just observe them.  To think of how the park on the corner could be improved, or what I would have done differently at a friend's newly landscaped yard or drawing inspiration from something I judge to be particularly well done.

Often times they are just fleeting thoughts, but there are other times, times where you d not want to forget and this blog is in part to help me remember.

The tennis court below is at a park halfway between my home and my parents.  Public courts, no fee. Not usually that busy and somewhere I hope my husband and I might start playing next year.

There is a single vine growing up the far side of the fence and I stopped and took this shot because I imagined it with more vines.  
Why not?

A highly public place to do a little guerrilla gardening.  
I am thinking of morning glories.  They are colourful and easy to grow and should self seed year after year.

I picture a variety of colours, deep purple, white, pink, heavenly blue. As if that will somehow feel more natural than a wall of solid colour.

Hopefully this post will keep me motivated and committed to follow through next spring.


  1. I sure hope you follow through.. that spot could sure use a little TLC.

    1. It is a great location and I like the idea of putting my energy into a space I know people will use.

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  3. Great Idea! I love Morning Glories,and this would be an excellent spot for them.

    1. Glad you agree, now I feel extra motivated to follow through.

    2. From Australia Are you mad, morning glory? The courts will be engulfed, never to be seen again!

    3. I hope they take off but I do not think it is as invasive here as what you see in Australia.